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Dark Gray, Mica Backpack

Dark Gray, Mica Backpack

PriceFrom €60.00

Mica backpack is made to help you carry around all you need in your everyday life.

The backpack features:

✔️ Made of durable, water resistant Cordura® fabric **

✔️Fully lined with cotton

✔️Three interior pockets (one zippered & two slip)

✔️Hard bottom for sturdy shape

✔️Secures with a flap and snap strap

✔️Adjustable snap strap to fine-tune the capacity of backpack

✔️Adjustable shoulder straps - wider on shoulders

✔️Extra exterior side seams to keep side flaps in place and oriented

✔️Vegan friendly

  • Cordura 

    • No washing machine
    • No dry clean.
    • Prefer only spot cleaning with a damp cloth or soft sponge and detergent.

    Cotton lining

    • Keep the interior of your bag fresh by pulling the cotton lining out of the bag and wash it with cold water and detergent. Make sure the bag is thoroughly dry before you use it.

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