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Every handmade has a story to tell..


Old definition in Greek for schoolbag

As a kid, when I started sewing, for fun, some old rags with my grandma’s old and balky sewing machine,

I could never imagine that sewing would become an inspiration and passion in my life.
My original studies are in the field of engineering but sewing is something that I never gave up to

and is where my heart belongs to ❤
It all started in 2017. One day, that I was discussing with a friend, I came up with the idea of sewing bags.

One year later, Sakka Handmade was created and since then I have dedicated all my sewing projects

to bags that are ethically and sustainably made.
Each piece is carefully cut and sewed by hand in our workshop, combining minimal lines and utility.
My goal is to make bags that people will enjoy for a long time and

that will help them carry everything they need and want.
All of our materials are cruelty free and most are locally sourced in Greece, from established suppliers.
Thank you for stopping by sakka store, I hope you enjoy your visit!

Love, Marya Kovani (1).png
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