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Tan, Laki Roll Top Backpack

Tan, Laki Roll Top Backpack


Laki roll top backpack is made as a day-to-night and all-occasion backpack. From office to a night out and from daytrips to concerts.


The backpack features:

✔️Made of premium vegan leather

✔️Thick and water resistant material, comfortable to wear

✔️Fully lined with cotton

✔️Three interior pockets (one zippered & two slip)

✔️Three exterior pockets (one zippered & two slip)

✔️Rolls one time and secures with snap strap and zipper

✔️Expandable capacity-when backpack unrolled

✔️Adjustable comfy wide shoulder straps

✔️Brand tag is heat stamped

✔️Vegan friendly

✔️Ethically made


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