Brown Waxed canvas & Vegan Leather,Lasal Zipper Backpack

Brown Waxed canvas & Vegan Leather,Lasal Zipper Backpack


Lasal backpack has a minimal, stylish and practical design.




*Waxed Canvas*

The main material of the backpack is waxed canvas. Waxed canvas is a durable fabric commonly used as an outdoor fabric mainly because of its water-resistant and durability properties and also as a fashion fabric due to the fact that it gets more beautiful throughout time and use. The waxed canvas that we use comes from UK and it is a high quality, 427 gsm fabric. Please notice that because of the wax, these bags are prone to creases and marks, which is all part of their charm.


*Vegan Leather*

The bottom, the straps and some decorative details are made of vegan leather. The vegan leather that we use is of high quality, suitable for bag making and water resistant. The finish of the material is created to last long and the high thickness of the leather gives the backpack a sturdy shape.



  • The backpack is fully lined with cotton.
  • There are 3 spacious pockets inside (one zippered and two slip pockets) & 1 zippered pocket on the exterior, to help you keep your stuff organized and fast accessed. 
  • The bag secures with a zipper on its top.
  • The shoulder straps are made from faux leather. They are 4 cm wide and adjustable so that you feel comfortable while wearing the backpack.
  • The bottom of the backpack is reinforced with vegan leather for even better stabilization, durability and water resistance of the backpack,
  • Vegan friendly



  • WIDTH: 28 cm up to 38 cm (bottom to top) // 11.02 in. up to 14.96 in. (bottom to top)
  • HEIGHT: 42 cm // 16.54 in.
  • DEPTH: 10 cm // 3.93 in.
  • STRAPS MAX LENGTH: 80 cm // 31.49 in.


*All parts are cut and sew by hand, please allow tolerance of 1-2 cm



  • Gold Waxed Canvas - Natural Cork Fabric

  • Grey Waxed Canvas  - Black Cork Fabric

  • Brown Waxed Canvas - Brown Cork Fabric

  • Blue Waxed Canvas - Blue Cork Fabric

  • Dark Brown Waxed Canvas - Brown Vegan Leather

  • Black Waxed Canvas - Black Vegan Leather

  • Brown Vegan Leather


Feel free to contact us if you need any further information.

  • Waxed Canvas

    • No washing machine
    • No dry clean.
    • Spot clean only with a soft sponge and cold water , no detergent.
    • You can refresh the wax by applying heat on the canvas with a hairdryer and then let it cool down.
    • You can rewax the canvas on your own by using the Barbour Wax Thornproof Dressing Tin and by following the instructions published on the official Barbour site ( )

    Vegan Leather 

    • No washing machine
    • No dry clean
    • Prefer only spot cleaning with a damp cloth or soft sponge and detergent
    • Protect the material from flame
    • Hydrating the material will extend its lifetime. You can use a regular hand/body cream and apply it with a cotton cloth until it is absorbed.

    Cotton lining

    • Keep the interior of your bag fresh by pulling the cotton lining out of the bag and wash it with cold water and detergent. Make sure the bag is thoroughly dry before you use it.
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