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Blue Cork,ARC Zipper Clutch bag

Blue Cork,ARC Zipper Clutch bag




Cork Fabric

Cork fabric is the new “leather”! It is a vegetable leather which is made when natural pieces are harvested from cork oak tree and adhered to a fabric support backing. Cork fabric is mainly used as an alternative to leather because it combines most of leather’s properties plus it is water resistant, eco & animal friendly :)

Notice: expect wear similar to that of leather.




--The exterior of the pouch is fully made of durable cork fabric which is water resistant.

--The pouch secures fast with a zipper on its top.

--The bottom of the pouch is flat for increased capacity and steady shape.

--Vegan Friendly



  • WIDTH: 23 cm // 9.05 in.
  • HEIGHT: 15 cm // 6.30 in.
  • DEPTH: 6 cm // 2.36 in



1. Natural Cork

2. Dark Blue Cork

3. Turquoise Cork

4. Salmon (Orangish) Cork

5. Cinnamon (Brownish) Cork

6. Tile Pattern Cork

7. Boho Pattern Cork

8. Exotic Pattern Cork

9. Brown vegan leather


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